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ABOUT THE COMPANY | Powered by Heracles Research Corp.

Our Vision:

We are the innovator for security solutions for Military, Law Enforcement, and the Public.

Our Values:

•    Focus on solving the problem
•    Team approach makes the difference
•    Protection is our core competency
•    Have a common sense approach
•    Deliver a solution to save lives and protect valuables

Our company was formed to develop and commercialize inventions in the areas of….

  • Security Video Analytics,
  • Powertrain Control Modules for Bi-Fuel Vehicles,
  • Power Programmers for reprogramming automotive computers,
  • Mobile License Plate Recognition for law enforcement,
  • Magnetic Levitation,
  • Audio/Video Scanner Technologies,
  • Radio Scanner Technology,
  • Offensive Anti-Burglary devices for secure compounds and buildings,
  • Developing concealed safes for security teams of high profile clients.
  • Our safes have been manufactured for homes, yachts, airplanes,motor coaches, and vehicles.




Now all products can be purchased through the Safety and Security online store.