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The BedBunker is the perfect safe solution for almost any living situation; most homes have at least one bed, and most gun owners prefer to sleep close to their firearms close at hand in case of home invasion scenarios. However, extra protection never hurts, and most survivalists would agree that having multiple supply caches throughout your property is the best way to guarantee their effectiveness.

If you’re adding on to your home, repaving your garage, or doing work in the basement, consider the Concrete Bunker and add another layer of preparedness to your survival toolkit. As its name implies, the Concrete Bunker is designed to be set in concrete, and can be applied virtually anywhere that new construction or concrete renovation is taking place.

It never hurts to have options, and having more than one concealed supply of food, water, emergency medical supplies, firearms, batteries, and other survival toolkit items in your home is never a bad idea. Give yourself as many ‘outs’ as possible and rest easy knowing that, come hell or high water, you and your family will be just fine.