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Last year, a woman living in Woodland, Washington hired a young couple to do some part time work around her home. She notified authorities when she noticed her extremely valuable coin collection missing, stating that the man and woman were the only visitors to her home during the time it was stolen.

The couple was implicated when the man began spending the collection, worth upwards of one hundred thousand dollars, at face value. He reportedly used quarters ranging in value from five to sixty eight dollars apiece to buy things like movie tickets and pizza for himself and his girlfriend, and was eventually apprehended by the police after they were able to trace coins from the collection from local businesses.

This poor woman’s story should serve as a cautionary example to all collectors. While her coin thieves obviously didn’t know the weight of what they had stolen, more seasoned burglars would have fenced her coins through illegal channels, turning a tidy profit and making sure to cover their tracks. If she’d invested in proper protection such as a BedBunker or a CouchBunker, the thieves unwittingly admitted to her home would have been none the wiser to her collection, and powerless to access it at that.