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One of the problems with conventional safes is that they’re relatively obvious and easy to locate within the home. After all, there are traditionally only a few places for safes to be installed; closets, walls, and secondary rooms such as basements and offices. Even if intruders aren’t able to open your safe in the home, skilled thieves have been known to physically remove safes from the premises with a dolly or hand truck to be opened at a secondary location. This leaves you without your valuables, without your safe, and typically with some minor property damage.

We’ve all heard the expression “hiding in plain sight,” and that’s the exact mindset behind the BedBunker line of rifle safes. The BedBunker is designed to fit perfectly under your mattress, and can be ordered in several sizing and spacing options so no matter what type of bed you sleep on, there’s a BedBunker setup that works with it.

The BedBunker is accessible by simple shifting your mattress to one side, typically without even upsetting the sheet. This gives you the ability to literally sleep on your cache of rifles, handguns, collectibles, jewelry, or priceless family heirlooms, guaranteeing peace of mind and safety for your possessions.