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Concealed Safes

Heracles Research Corporation provides you with the same top grade protection for our home safes as we do with our truck safes. The TruckBunker secures and conceals your valuables inside the cab of your truck. The TruckBunker accommodates firearms of all sizes, including rifles. In addition to TruckBunker’s convenient use of space, our truck safe is 100% American made and constructed from aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The TruckBunker can also be fastened to your existing seat belt tie downs. Installation is completed in less than 10 minutes and there is no need for drilling. Available in steel or aluminum construction.

Concealed Floor/Wall Safes

Our hidden wall safes and in floor safes are a staple in home security. The concealed floor and wall safes offer the attractive combination of easy accessibility with clever location choices and disguises – from rugs and wall hangings to false closet and cupboard walls – and many more.
Unlike some safes in this category, Heracles Research Corporation floor and wall safes are virtually impossible to carry-off, as they are designed to be professionally mounted directly to your buildings core structure — either floor joists or wall studs. Also, all of the floor and wall safes have a 1 hour fire wall.

Heracles Research is at the forefront of innovation for car safes. Our Console Bunker provides all the features needed for mobile security and convenience. It is 100% American made from aluminum, and it has a storage capacity that accommodates all sizes and types of firearms, including rifles; there is also added space available for accessories. Additionally, the Console Bunker features a timing mechanism to avert unauthorized access to your secured valuables. You can take comfort in knowing that your property is not only protected, but is accessible immediately even while mobile. It is important to be prepared in case of an emergency situation. We’re here to provide high quality adaptability, organization, and preparation in accordance with your lifestyle.

Concrete Bunker

Double your storage security without increasing space! You can rely on the Concrete Bunker floor safe which easily installs in a concrete floor, or anywhere new construction allows space for a concealed safe. Safe dimensions are, 78” x 30” x 14”. Weight is 500 pounds, along with two locks for double security.
On top of the premium grade material used for our safes, (the same used for our popular Bed Safe Bunker safes) construction is adapted to the natural strength of the surrounding concrete.
We pride ourselves in providing only top quality, secured safes no matter the situation or location. The Concrete Bunker is designed to be installed within concrete floors. This is ideal for garages, basements, or anywhere new construction allows for a concealed safe. Utilizing our Concrete Bunker is the perfect way to keep your valuables as safe as possible. On top of the premium grade material we use for our safes, we provide additional assurance by producing a safe that adapts to the natural fortitude of concrete. We are committed to your convenience and welcome any questions you may have. Contact us today!

Bury Bunker Concealed Safe
Bury Bunker Concealed Safe
Underground storage is the most overlooked security option. To take maximum advantage of this strategy, Heracles produces the BuryBunker. A steel shell holding a slide-in, gun case-style box made from industrial grade, high-impact waterproof materials. They also come with wide moisture seals, and four screw-down lid locks.

Imagine a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch, with bullet proof cushions with carry straps, so they can be used on the fly as a shield. Now there is one.
CouchBunker™ patent pending, is available in a wide range of styles, leather and fabric coverings creating choices from game room casual to living room formal. Charles Alan Inc., a Ft. Worth contract furniture house, makes the couches, to order.
 Closet Bunker Concealed SafeCloset Bunker concealed safe The Closet Bunker fastens in the corner of your closet. Perfect to securely hide valuables in your closet behind the cover of your clothing. The Closet Bunker leverages your closet walls in protecting you belongings. The Closet Bunker is long enough for Carbine style rifles and shot guns. It is made from steel with stainless steel hardware and is powder coated inside and out.
Table Bunker Concealed SafeTable Bunker Conceled Safe
The table bunker comes with adjustable or fixed box legs. The adjustable legs adjust from 0-15 inches for an overall 29″ standard table heights  Custom lengths are available upon request. The Bunkers can also be ordered without legs to be used as a coffee table. You can use a standard table cloth or use a wooden table top to conceal.