Concealed Floor/Wall Safes

Our hidden wall safes and in floor safes are a staple in home security. The concealed floor and wall safes offer the attractive combination of easy accessibility with clever location choices and disguises – from rugs and wall hangings to false closet and cupboard walls – and many more.

Unlike some safes in this category, Heracles Research Corporation floor and wall safes are virtually impossible to carry-off, as they are designed to be professionally mounted directly to your buildings core structure — either floor joists or wall studs. Also, all of the floor and wall safes have a 1 hour fire wall.

Standard safe sizes are:

36” x 14” x10” / 210 pounds / One Lock
48” x 14 x 10” /280 pounds / Two Locks
72″ x 14″ x 10″ / 420 pounds / Two Locks

Heracles can also custom design safes for your extra special needs.

Heracles safes are built from the same first-class gauged steel used for our popular BedBunker Gun Safes, and carry the same Lifetime Guarantee.


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72″ Floor Safe
Price: $1,995.00
48″ Floor Safe
Price: $1,590.00
36″ Floor Safe
Price: $1,440.00

Delivery in 2-4 weeks