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by Anna Glendenning | More from this Blogger

Front Door It’s seems like the news reports are full of more and more stories of home invasions. There has always been a risk of burglary and most homeowner insurance policies cover the losses of a burglary. Burglars usually hit during the day when everyone is busy and the house is empty. Burglars tend to choose a different house when they see an alarm system, strong locks and doors, and barred windows. Insurance companies will often offer a discount when homeowners have these things in place.

A burglar will usually run away if the homeowner should come home or be inside the house. Home Invaders usually hit a home, at night or on weekends when someone is at home and security systems are deactivated. A home invasion is a situation where criminals will use force to get into a home with someone inside in order to rob or commit some other kind of crime. A home invasion is about gaining control of the home and the homeowner.

Some criminals understand convenience stores, banks and other major targets take steps to protect themselves and reduce their risks with alarms, surveillance and reduced cash on site. Many criminals know that, homeowners may think their home is the last place on earth for a robbery or other crime. Families may feel so safe that they leave themselves as open and easy targets for the risk of a violent home invasion.

Home invaders might enter a home by kicking down a door or breaking a window. Their most likely point of attack is usually at the front door or garage. Home invaders like to impersonate delivery persons in order to have the homeowner open the door. It doesn’t usually matter how home invaders enter, at some point they will use extreme force to take control of the home and family inside. At this point in a home invasion a family’s safety is at the most risk. Once the home invader takes control of the family often restraining them with duct tape, rope or handcuffs, home invaders usually search the families’ home. Sometimes the family will be forced to, open safes, and provide PIN numbers and debit or credit cards.

Home invaders sometimes work in groups and depend on the fact they can over power their targets when the perfect moment is there. In many cases home invaders target residents who live in upscale neighborhoods. They may choose someone because of the car they drive or watch their shopping habit, the jewelry worn or public event attended. Invaders may follow a person to their home.