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We all know the unparalleled benefits of the BedBunker’s under-bed horizontal storage design. After all, it’s easy to sleep knowing that your most valuable and potentially dangerous possessions are safe and sound in a locked, hidden, and fireproof aluminum vault directly beneath your mattress.

What about when you leave the house? Many Americans travel for work, and still more must travel with important documents and valuables in tow. If the nature of your work demands that you carry valuable documents, large amounts of cash, jewelry, or firearms with you, consider the TruckBunker.

Designed to fit under the rear seats of a pickup truck, the TruckBunker is designed from the same aluminum as the BedBunker and is long enough to keep rifles safe inside. It requires no drilling or modification to the truck whatsoever, attaching to existing seatbelt wells, and is hardly noticeable after the rear set is lowered on top of it.

Turn the back seat of your truck into a mobile safe with no loss to rear passenger leg room and no damaging modifications; you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without one.