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What People are Saying About BedBunkers

Al V. Corbi

“No one wins in a fight. There are only varying degrees of loss. Time, not force, is the critical factor to ensure a safe outcome. Time eventually neutralizes any threat, while force raises the stakes, typically increasing the danger.” – Al V. Corbi

“Security systems should be transparent, not only for aesthetic reasons but because the best security is invisible. A criminal cannot defeat what cannot be seen, and there is nothing more intimidating than the unknown.” – Al V. Corbi


Recommendation from RL Wilson

R.L.WILSON is a freelance consultant and author in the broad fields of Americana, firearms and engraving. His professional career began a half century ago with intern positions at the Royal Armouries, H.M. Tower of London and the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington D.C.) as well as at the Wadsworth Atheneum (Museum of Art, Hartford CT) where he was appointed Curator of Firearms at the age of 23. He has served on advisory boards or as consultant to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Inc., the Winchester Museum (since the early 1990s known as the Cody Firearms Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Center), the U.S. Historical Society, Tiffany & Co., and the Autry National Center of the West.

Having been a professional author and antiquarian in the high-end antiques and old firearms fields, I’ve long had the need for proper security equipment.John Adrain’s “BedBunker” series is unmatched.Totally secure, and innovative, roomy and un-findable, these unique creations are the answer to the dreams of any keen collector, as well as any who wish to secure valuables without raising any suspicions amongst potential perpetrators.I recommend the Adrain BedBunkers and other products in the “Bunker” group without reservation.RL Wilson



CouchBunker Review

A nasty memory crosses my mind almost everyday. I was set-up for a gun robbery by “repairmen”. They cased my home and pinpointed my secruity layout within minutes. It was a cakewalk for them.
That visibility problem haunted me until I installed BedBunkers and now, the brand new CouchBunker, holding a full-size Bunker.  The couch is absolutely beautiful, with a wide range of premier quality coverings, and styles to choose, from formal to family room casual. It handily passes the comfort test – and even makes a great guest bed.  Crafted by a respected custom furniture maker, exclusively for a Bed Bunker. It dramatically increases my super private and secure vault capacity and, as with my BedBunkers, this expansion hasn’t taken-up so much as one extra inch of space over the couch it replaced.

LHM, Illinois


The Steel Box that Changed My Life

The BedBunker Gun Safe Systems rewarded me with peace-of-mind and very special benefits I could never imagine coming from a gun vault, until I actually experienced them.  My first concern was my mattress sitting directly on the vault would mean a sacrifice in sleeping comfort. This was totally unfounded…I immediately discovered that bed comfort results from modern mattress design, not the platform, whether wood, vault or whatever, but especially antiquated bed springs, that so many still falsely believe add to comfort.  The space saving, with added privacy features, also rank high with me. Sitting under my bed doubles the utility of the space taken-up by my bed; while totally disguising its existence with a standard bed coverlet and mattress skirt.

Being so disguised dramatically reduces the risks of privacy loss — and resulting dangerous gossip — when strangers are in my home.  Then there was the unfounded worry about quick access, but my made-up mattress slides easily to one side for quick access…then, slides just as easily back, without having to re-make bedding.  The double, independent locks for each door vault door; plus internal hinge locking bars keeps the door sealed — even if the hinges are cut. Internally bolted together, my two twin vaults make one, rock solid queen. A virtual impossibility to cut apart or haul from my home – especially when filled with guns and ammo.

The same cannot be said for the typical upright vault, even when bolted to the floor. Thieves are increasingly mastering techniques to simply rip them from the floor, then haul them out the door, like an old refrigerator.  As to saving space, the horizontal storage system results in the ease of layering into every for corner – all without the need for space-robbing shelves. Likewise, layered storage reduces the risk of damage when moving contents around.  The two-hour 1,600 degree fire rating is icing on the cake!

After my first BedBunker, I promptly bought four more, and have an order in for the new CouchBunker.

When it comes to high powered security, privacy, uniquely expanded storage capacity, fire protection, high value pricing — and resulting profound peace-of-mind — BedBunker products are the premier choice.

JSS, Michigan


Perfect solution that keeps the guns secure while keeping the wife happy

We have small kids so securely storing firearms is a big concern for our family. Besides concerns for protecting our family, I quickly discovered my wife’s concerns for protecting her closet space. My wife’s closet was the only possible location to install a gun safe. This is when I started losing her support for buying a gun safe. Scrambling to save every precious inch of closet space available, my wife started searching for an alternative. This is when she came across the BedBunker. Within seconds of visiting the site, I new this was the perfect solution for our needs and best of all, it was wife approved.

Our BedBunker arrived last week and we couldn’t be happier of the quality. I can’t wait to fill it. After our first night sleeping on it, my wife did miss her box springs. Our mattress is probably about 12 years old so it probably lost most of it’s padding years ago. I didn’t notice much of a difference, but she thought it made the bed too firm. She had been wanting a new mattress for a few years anyway. Guess I can’t stall any longer. Last night, we ordered a new Sleep Number mattress and that should solve our problem. Sleep Number mattresses do not use box springs. I verified this in the mattress store when we bought it. I lifted up the mattress to get a better look at the foundation. I was happy to find that it was a flat, hard surface, like our bunker. When we told the mattress salesperson that we didn’t want to order the foundation, she said that any solid surface would work. I told her we had that covered. Since the Sleep Number is an air filled mattress, it should be lighter and easier to move so accessing the bunker should be easier.

We’re pleased with our BedBunker. It’s a solid, sturdy safe that’s convenient, easily concealable and puts wasted space to good use. Best of all, it saved my wife’s closet space.

Perfect solution. Thanks.
W. P.
Dallas, Texas


Review of Bed Bunker Safe from a woman’s point of view

– by Nadia
Hi, Just a note and a Thank You. I didn’t want to post anywhere our residence could be traced on line, so I decided to email you directly. I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the bed bunker. It took six men, a furniture dolly, and sliders to get it up the porch stairs and into our room, but it proved easier than my husband imagined, (his words.) As for me, I chewed my nails the whole time thinking it would fall and crush someone. I had tried to persuade him to get a professional safe mover but you know men.

Now for the good part. WE LOVE IT!

I had worried I would have to make the bed every time we had to get into the safe (if I could get into it.) Not so. The mattress slides easily, and you don’t have to slide it very far since you usually open only one side at a time. I can do it without as much as causing a wrinkle to a made up bed. I even put a bed skirt over the safe under the mattress and the bed skirt slides back into place just as easily as everything else.

As for not having a box spring… this of course is something people have to decide for themselves. I thought we had the mattress pretty well supported, but I realized the first night the bed bunker made the bed more comfortable for us. We’re pretty hefty people, though. A box spring is usually made so the bed gives a bit, but in our case it caused sagging. We have a pillow top mattress so it makes the bed a little high, but I still love it.

I read a review somewhere that talked about the exposed hinges. The guy didn’t do his research. You can cut off the hinges and the safe still won’t open. My husband explained this to me… something about a bar across the opening that slides into place so you can’t open the safe if you cut off the hinges. Sounds good to me. The safe displays excellent workmanship and is very solid. We’ve seen on the news where intruders have hacked open the side of a gun safe or even carried the whole thing off. I guarantee you, after seeing this thing, that is not going to happen with this safe.

Anyway, the hardest part about owning it is not being able to show people how cool it is. My husband was always talking about a gun safe but there was no room and I had no plans for featuring a safe in my decor. This was the perfect solution. Thank you so much.

Jim’s Product Review: Bed Bunker Gun Vaults
Monday, Sep 12, 2011

One of my consulting clients recently bought several Bed Bunker gun vaults and I had the chance to examine them. This product is an unusual horizontal home gun vault design that replaces your bed’s box springs. These vaults have two major advantages: 1.) They don’t take up any more floor space than your current furniture, and 2.) They will probably be overlooked by most burglars that are in a hurry. (And statistics show that most burglars are in a hurry. Typically, they are in a house for less than five minutes. The bad guys can’t attack a safe if they don’t know that it is there.)

I was pleased to hear that these vaults are manufactured in Spokane, Washington. That minimizes the shipping costs for those who live in any of the American Redoubt States, and you can feel good that you’ll “Buy American”. In this case, you’ll even “Buy Redoubt”.

Bed Bunkers are built with welded 10 gauge steel in the body and a 1/4-inch thick inset steel door that weighs 140 pounds just by itself. The hinge side is backed by a very heavy flange that protects the vault against attacks where the hinges might be cut away. Because of the flange, that would be a huge waste of time for burglars. The basic unit (twin bed size) weighs about 650 pounds. The vault’s pair of cylinder locks are a robust “bump proof” and relatively pick-proof lock variety with cylinders and keys that are made in Israel. These vaults have a two-hour house fire protection rating. At around $2,000, they are relatively expensive per cubic foot, compared to traditional upright gun safes. So I would mostly recommend them to families where space is at a premium. One of the vaults that I examined was a double vault where the two Bed Bunkers are bolted to a welded spacer, providing a platform for a king-size bed. The combined empty weight is 1,450 pounds, so it would be exceedingly difficult for burglars to tote that vault away.

The legs on these vaults have threaded attachments, with a very long adjustable length of travel. They can be screwed all the way in so that the vault nearly touches the floor. Or they can be completely removed, allowing you to bolt the vault to the floor, with lag bolts. For the greatest security, I recommend bolting your safe down. By attaching a long dust ruffle, you can make a Bed Bunker disappear from view. (Use a 14-inch dust ruffle if you don’t use the vault legs.)

As with any other home security purchase, be sure to keep quiet about it. Do not mention to friends or relatives that you’ve bought a vault, and swear your kids to secrecy. Just remind them that if they blab about it, then a possible consequence is that burglars will steal a portion of their eventual inheritance. When burglars learn of a lucrative yet hard target, they’ll probably come equipped with a cutting torch that can defeat even the best gun vault. So remember: Loose lips sink ships!

Lastly, be careful about where you leave your vault keys. Don’t just put a vault key on your key ring. It is best to establish a well-hidden yet quickly-accessible place to store your vault keys. A fake electrical outlet box is one well-proven ruse. (Unless you live off grid, every room in your house probably has several outlets, so an extra one won’t be noticed by all but the most sophisticated burglars.) Another good hiding place is a fake can of shave cream in the bathroom drawer.

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